Presentation Ideas

When properly done even the simplest of stories can be entertaining and enthralling for your viewers. It’s all in the presentation. TimeScape producers have years of experience of presenting stories on video. Here are a few of the techniques we can use to present your story. Click on the links to see examples.

Take your viewers back in time -Historical photos, film and video can set the proper mood and context for your story.

Add music and sound effects to make your story come to life. If done correctly, they can make a dramatic difference in how interesting your story is to watch.

Art and animation -- Don’t have pictures? We can draw one, animate it and make the story more understandable.

Old audio -- Have an old audio cassette recording of a relative who is no longer with us? We can clean up the sound and still make their story come to life.

Non-linear viewing – It’s like a web site on your TV. Our DVDs let the viewer choose what they want to see and how they want to view it. No need to fast forward through the tape. We can use your family tree to take your viewer directly to what they want to see.

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