Your Parent's Story

What do you wish you knew about your great grandparents, grandparents, and parents that you weren’t told or can’t remember? Now imagine seeing their lives in a movie-quality presentation done by professional television journalists — a family history that lives, breathes and conveys emotion instead of just lying flat on a page.

Your parents gave you more than just the color of your eyes and the shape of your nose. They shaped your ethics, talents and drives. The way you approach something may very well echo the way your grandfather or great-grandmother did. Wouldn’t it be great to hear their stories, convictions and principles on issues that personally affect you today? You can make that happen for your children and grandchildren.

Why stories?
Stories about your family give your children a sense of identity and belonging that family trees and history books can’t.

Stories about special events and family members give our children pride in who they are, help develop their self-esteem and character. By recording your parent’s stories, your children can always hear them first-hand. Your parents have amassed wisdom. Stories are the best way to pass along that wisdom.

Why video?
Because it captures the whole package — your parent’s smile and voice as well as their thoughts. Studies have shown that people remember something more clearly when it has emotional content. Nothing coveys emotion better than video. You get the “big picture” – important details that are lost in a small snapshot are revealed when you see them on a large screen.

Why Now?
As people grow older, their memories fade. If you begin the interview process now, you will not lament having waited too long...

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