TimeScape Advantages

The telling of family tales is as old as mankind. Yet it is rare for someone to sit down, pen in hand, and write pages of memories, anecdotes, and astute judgments. David Rockefeller recently did it, but he had a staff of 42 research assistants. What TimeScape does is considerably simpler and more effective.

• Our expert producers capture the essence of who your parents really are. Since we are outsiders to your family we can get answers about difficult topics that they may normally be reluctant to talk about.

• Professional Journalists and Personal Historians tell your story. We’re specialists. When you need your taxes done, do you call the kid next door who is good with math — or do you call an accountant? Likewise, when you want to tell your parent’s life story, are you going to call a wedding photographer or a Personal Historian and Journalist?

• Historical pictures help set the scene for your story. We have access to the world’s largest collections of historical film and video.

Story Tree ™ Technology
Want to know more about your grandfather? Click on his picture and choose to hear him tell a story or see stories about him. Play family history trivia games. You can watch several short stories or see an entire half-hour documentary. Children will watch your stories over and over because Story Tree ™ makes them interactive and fun.

Our Promises:
• You have editorial control.
• Confidentiality: anything said or learned during our work will not be revealed unless you approve it.
• Preservation: We use the latest preservation technology and work with legacy organizations such as Historical Societies and Libraries to make sure the material is properly indexed and preserved so future generations can hear from you.
• A life-long commitment: There is always more to tell about life. We will follow up on important events and milestones so they may be included in the next edition.

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