Content Ideas

What goes into an organization’s history DVD?
Just about anything you want.

The building blocks of an engaging organization history are good stories such as:

How your organization began – just as every child asks, “Where did I come from? “ every member of your organization wants to know “where did we come from?” Knowing our roots helps us grow.

Turning points – the crucial moments that defined your organization.

Triumphs – what your organization is proud of.

Setbacks – we all learn from our mistakes. So, why do some organizations make the same mistakes over and over again? Often, it’s because they have new people making the mistakes. Documenting setbacks gives your organization a collective memory. The story about how those setbacks were overcome can be very inspirational.

Stories that show your organization’s character – “God is in the details.” What makes your organization unique may not be the widgets you produce or the services you provide. It’s how you do those things day in and day out. It’s the relationships you build. It’s the funny stories that bond you together.

A values statement- not something dry, on paper, but from the heart.

Profiles of key people – past and present. What they brought to the table, how they shaped and inspired the organization.

A glimpse at the future – reviewing the past can give you perspective on where your organization should go. Our clients have told us that going through the process with TimeScape is like “a focus group” on their organization’s future. When you get people talking about your direction, you might be surprised about the creativity as well as the consensus that emerges.

Not just moving pictures –TimeScape technology can put documents for in depth reading on our DVDs. Those same documents can be deployed on your intranet and be made interactive with photos, video and other material.

Context – The world changes fast. Your organization’s history has been shaped by those changes. We infuse that context into your story so it speaks to those who weren’t there when it happened so they can connect with the inspiration that drives your organization.

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