TimeScape Advantages

We communicate on a human level.
It’s not another memo, power point presentation or meeting. Video is a one-on-one connection with each employee, shareholder, customer and other key stakeholders in your company. It appeals to the emotional side of the brain. Emotional messages tend to be recalled more easily – creating a stronger bond. Our productions are real, heartfelt and believable because they’re true stories about your company’s heritage, values and principles. It’s an inspirational roadmap for your company’s future.

Can everyone in your company recite your mission statement from memory? Probably not. Will everyone in your company remember and retell the stories in a TimeScape DVD? Absolutely!

We understand the importance of corporate culture
It’s your ultimate competitive edge. No other company is exactly like yours because no other company is made up of exactly the same people, values and principles you have. Other companies may be able to copy your products, but they can’t copy who you are. Culture is your most important asset and it needs to be protected and nurtured.

We create “buy-in” from your staff
At the most successful companies, people work with a common purpose and goal. Presenting the “big picture” of where you’ve been, what your values are and where you’re going can align your staff to focus on competing with the rest of the world and not with each other. When your staff buys in to your common purpose and goals you eliminate conflicting agendas, territorial disputes, in-fighting and just plain apathy.

We help you recruit the best employees
No matter what the economy is like, talented employees are hard to find. The best employees are attracted by a culture and mission that matches their own. A TimeScape DVD gives your organization the edge in attracting the best people by clearly communicating who you are, what you do and where you’re going.

We help you orient your new employees and educate your current employees.
No matter where your employees are, they can have access to the video TimeScape creates for you. The video can easily be deployed on your intranet or internet and integrated with text.

It can be updated easily because it’s digital.
Your core mission and values don’t change, but your tactics, strategies and graphic look do. Because your TimeScape production is created digitally, material can easily be added and deleted. If your logo or color scheme changes, updating the look on your TimeScape production is a quick and low-cost proposition.

It’s interactive and entertainment
DVDs can be watched passively on a TV like entertainment, or can be viewed interactively on a computer. We can tailor your message for both environments.

DVD distribution adds to your premium cutting-edge image.
CDs are so ‘90s. They’ve become a commodity that says “cheap” and are easy to throw away. While DVDs are inexpensive to produce, it’s still something you expect to pay at least $20 for. So most people will hang on to it.

We’re professionals
Our producers, interviewers and writers are journalists with years of experience. We know how to capture the essence of your company and convey it in a compelling way.

Historical pictures help set the scene for your story.
We have access to the world’s largest collections of historical film and video.

Our Promises:
• You have editorial control.
• Confidentiality: anything said or learned during our work will not be revealed unless you approve it.
• Preservation: We use the latest preservation technology and work with legacy organizations such as Historical Societies and Libraries to make sure the material is properly indexed and preserved.
• A life-long commitment: There is always more to tell. We will follow up on important events and milestones so they may be included in the next edition.

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